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Credits / Reference

Coming soon a wider list of the many wonderful people who have made this a comprehensive site.
All of these people have dedicated an enormous amount of their time in the pursuit of who they are and for that we should be thankful.
If you desire to be listed as a reference or credit please e-mail me include in there the address you want people to reach you at.

E-Mail Address
If available
Other means of contact and amplifying information
My Parents With whom this web page would never be.  The e-mails home requesting copies of the census, mortuary records, cemetery records, etc...  The list really does go on forever.
Edward Hayden Publishing a wonderful amount of info concerning the Hayden's of Kentucky and beyond. 
Web Site:  Maryland Catholics on the Frontier.
Families:  Hayden database second to none.
Frank Toon Wonderful site bringing the connection full circle.
Web Site:  Frank Toon's (not currently operational)
Families:  Toon, Wilson, Cissell, Burch, Hayden, and more.
Burch Family Association Pictures, advice, and comprehensive database.  Burch database second to none.
Father Spalding The tireless work on the History of St. Jerome Church, Fancy Farm, Kentucky 1836-1986.  Brings together families of the original settlers escaping persecution of religion in Maryland.
Remarks:  Family Histories of Fancy Farm, Kentucky settlers.
Sister Dorothy Her meticulous notes brought forth through years of research allowed me to focus on families in more need.  ie... the Westerman's of Louisville.
Families:  Wilson, Cissell, Hayden, Willett, Hobbs.
Betty Westerman-Ford The massive amounts and years of research have really paid dividends in helping bring so many Westerman's together in a common search.  So many people have benefited from her research.  We are thankful.  Her address is:
Betty Westerman-Ford
PO Box 13
Leola, AR 72084
Families: Descendants of Charles Westerman.  The earliest known Westerman immigrant to the U.S.A. (Includes Clifford Westerman)
Filson Club
Nettie Oliver, Genealogy Specialist
Named in honor of John Filson, Kentucky's first historian.   Open year round.  Publishes the Filson Club History Quarterly.  In operation since 1884.  Largest collection of Kentucky State and Kentucky Family Histories available.
Remarks: Census, Mortuary, Cemetery records, Books, and much more...
Telephone: (502) 635-5083  FAX: (502) 635-5086
Address:  The Filson Club
1310 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
Web Site: The Filson Club Historical Society
Note:  No orders for Genealogy Research is accepted over the internet.  Snail Mail Only and e-mail first for price quote.  Books are available for purchase over the internet.
D.C. Research Research at the U.S. National Archives by Michael O. Anderson
Remarks:  All available info in the archives is capable of being researched for a reasonable price.
Address:  Mr. Michael O. Anderson
1425 - 4th Street, S.W.
# A-212
Washington, D.C. 20024

Web Site:  D.C. Research
Note:  No orders for Genealogy Research is accepted over the internet.  Snail Mail Only and e-mail first for price quote.
Hazel Westerman-Cook The Australian connection to the English Westerman's. 
Families: Descendants of Joseph Westerman. The oldest known Westerman in any family tree listed on our site.
Gayle Riggert-Harris Westermann's that first settled in Blue Island, Illinois, then moved on to Bremen, Kansas.
Families: Descendants of Friederich Westermann and Sophie Chatteau of Nienhagen, Germany.
Sandra Lassen The American connection to the English Westerman's.
Families: Descendants of Francis Westerman and Deborah Haddock of Lancashire, England.
Kathy Cullerton Westerman Family that first settled in the Chicago. Illinois area.
Families:  Descendants of Frank Westerman and Emma Rudolph of Germany/Holland
Janet Frey Westerman Family that first settled in the area of Louisville, Kentucky.
Families:  Descendants of August Westerman and Margaret Heinritz of Germany.
Stephen Dahl

Dahl Family that first settled in the area of Louisville, Kentucky after moving from Obersotterbach, Germany.  Attended the St. John's Evangelical Church.  Thanks for the pictures of Obersotterbach Stephen.
Steve & Cindy Dahl

107 Carostone Court

Cary NC 27513

Families:  Descendants of Johann Georg Dahl and Eva Catherine Roller.

Awaiting Entry ...

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