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Descendants of Joannes Georg Westerman

Generation No. 1

1.  Joannes Georg Westerman
BIRTH: 22 Aug 1797 PLACE: Ennigerloh,Oelde,Westfalen
CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
MAR.: 24 Jan 1826 PLACE: Oelde,Westfalen
DEATH: 22 Jun 1860 PLACE: Jackson Twp,Osage Co.,MO
BURIAL: 28 Jun 1860 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

WIFE: Anna Maria Gertrude Rehbaum
BIRTH: 18 Oct 1805 PLACE: ,Oelde,Westfalen
CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
DEATH: Jan 1874 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage,MO
BURIAL: 10 Jan 1874 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
FATHER: John Orthues Rehbaum


1.   Anna Gertrude Westerman
2.   Bernard Heinrich Westerman
3.   Anna Elizabeth Westerman
4.   Anna Maria Bernardine Westerman
5.   Joannes Westerman
6.   Bernardina Catherine Westerman
7.   Anna Katherina Margaret Westerman
8.   Heinrich Anton Westerman
9.   George Westerman
10. Joseph Westerman
11. Ferdinand Arnold Westerman

Generation No. 2

1. NAME: Anna Gertrude Westerman
BIRTH: 5 Sep 1825 PLACE: Oelde,Westfalen
F CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
DEATH: Bef 1838

2. NAME: Bernard Heinrich Westerman
BIRTH: 29 Jan 1828 PLACE: Oelde,Westfalen
M CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
MAR.: 5 Apr 1853 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
DEATH: 2 Jul 1878 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage Co.,MO
BURIAL: 3 Jul 1878 PLACE: St. Joseph Cem, Westphalia, Osage Co., MO

3. NAME: Anna Elizabeth Westerman
BIRTH: 16 Sep 1830 PLACE: ,Oelde,Westfalen
F CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
MAR.: 1 May 1855 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage,MO
DEATH: 20 Dec 1858 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage,MO
BURIAL: 20 Dec 1858 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

4. NAME: Anna Maria Bernardine Westerman
BIRTH: 26 Nov 1832 PLACE: ,Oelde,Westfalen
F CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
MAR.: 5 Apr 1853 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
DEATH: 15 Jul 1873 PLACE: Rich Fountain,Osage,MO

5. NAME: Joannes Westerman
BIRTH: 1832 PLACE: ,Oelde,Westfalen

6. NAME: Bernardina Catherine Westerman
BIRTH: 8 Dec 1834 PLACE: Oelde,Westfalen
F CHR.: 19 Sep 1836 PLACE: Imm,Bremen,Balt,Brig ULYSSES
BURIAL: 21 Jul 1854 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

7. NAME: Anna Katherina Margaret Westerman
BIRTH: 21 Sep 1838 PLACE: Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
F CHR.: 11 Oct 1838 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
MAR.: 9 Oct 1855 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
DEATH: 26 Mar 1913 PLACE: Linn,Osage,MO
BURIAL: Mar 1913 PLACE: St. George,Linn,Osage,MO

8. NAME: Heinrich Anton Westerman
BIRTH: 24 Dec 1838 PLACE: Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
M CHR.: 7 Jan 1839 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
BURIAL: 19 Jul 1854 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

9. NAME: George Westerman
BIRTH: 24 Oct 1840 PLACE: Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
M CHR.: 28 Oct 1840 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Gasconade Co.,MO
DEATH: 16 Dec 1899 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage,MO
BURIAL: 16 Dec 1899 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage Co.,MO

10. NAME: Joseph Westerman
BIRTH: PLACE: Westphalia,Osage Co.,MO
M CHR.: 23 Jan 1843 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
MAR.: 21 Jun 1864 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
DEATH: 30 Jan 1926 PLACE: Westphalia,Osage,MO

11. NAME: Ferdinand Arnold Westerman
M CHR.: 19 Mar 1846 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO
BURIAL: 20 Jul 1854 PLACE: St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

NOTES:  George Westerman:

1839 G. Westerman purchased land in present day Osage Co MO.

1850 Census Osage Co Mo, Washington Twp: George Westerman 54 OCC: Farmer $200, Germany, wife Gertrude 44, Bernhard 22, Elizabeth 20, Mary Ann 18,. Mary 16, Anna 14, Henry 12, George 10, MO: Joseph 8, Nathaniel 6.

Osage Co Will Book LDS Film 0913753, Osage County Court records, will dated 30 Apr 1860, probated 17 Jul 1860. p.268.

Missouri Pioneers Vol VI Mortality Schedule Osage Co MO: George Westermann 60 md from Prussia died May 1859.

1860 Census Osage Co Jackson Twp Westphalia P.O. MO Fam # 113: Gerthrud Westermann 52 with Joseph 17 born MO. William Hilekemeyer 12 Prussia, and Gerth Schwarzendahl 18 MO living with family.

1880 Census Osage Co MO Westphalia Family #27, Kathrine 44 widow PPP, Antonia f 14, Henry 13, Josephine 2.

Muller passenger list Ulysses,George Westermann from Oelde, his wife Gertrud Rhebaum, and five children ages 10 1/2, 8 1/2, 5 1/2, 3 1/2 and 1.

In Jette's book " the passenger list of the Ulysses: H. Westermann from Oelde 40, Maria Westermann, 38, Gertrud Westermann 37, and three children, Bernhard,10, Elisabeth 7, Marian 4.

National Archives microfilm of ships arriving New Orleans has microfilm of original passenger list of Brig Ulysses from Bremen arrived New Orleans 19 Sep 1836. Dr Bruns his wife and son

Herman are all shown as being American Citizens. Jette is very clear in her letters that they arrived in Baltimore the ship probably stopped in New Orleans.

H. Westermann from Olde was accompanied by Edelbert Zellerhof, Vennewald, Humbrock and Ahlers.

St. Joseph Burial records 22 Jun 1860 George Westermann age 67.

NOTES:  Anna Maria Gertrude Rehbaum:

20 Oct 1805 baptised, St. Johannes

Ship lists Gert Westermann 37.

1870 Census the widow Gertrude 65, listed as living with Joe.

Maria Anna Westerman, 51 years listed in St. Joseph Church death records 20 Jan 1859. sister in law.

Burial date, St. Joseph Church Records: Gertrude Westerman, widow of George Westerman, 68.

NOTES: Anna Gertrude Westerman:

Fr. Helias Census Gertrude 14, However Gertrude is not on Ship list, or in 1850 Census, Check 1840 Census for female daughter.

Ship list Gertrude 37??

NOTES:  Bernard Heinrich Westerman:

1860 Census Osage Co MO Westphalia Fam # 8: Bernhard Westerman 31, OCC: Shoemaker wife Catharine 24 Hanover, MO: Gertrude 5, Anna 4, and Mary 3, Henry Speckmann 30 P. OCC: Servant, and Stephan Eikhoff 20 MO Servant. Bernhard Otto MO, Shoemaker Apprenticed, Anselm Huhn 18 MO, Shoemaker Apprenticed, Mary Balkenbusch 17 OCC: Servant Prussia.

1870 Census Osage Co MO Washington Twp Fam# 122: Bernard 42 Prussia, Shoe and Book maker. Katherine 36 Hannover. MO: Gertrude 16, Anna 14, Mary 11, Antonette 5, Henry 3, Eugena 3/12, George Sap 30 MO, Henry Speckmann 42 Prussia, Steven Vossen 23 Prussia and Bernard Buscher 30 Carpenter Prussia. With family.

1880 Census Osage Co MO Westphalia Fam # 27: Widow Katherina Westerman 44 P, MO P P: Antonia 14, Henry 13, Josephina 2.

Parents of 11 children, see St. Joseph History for descendants.

Date of Birth from LDS Film, from Connie Reichart 1992 ltr.

St. Joseph Burial record: Bernard Westermann, husband of Catharine Wortmann.

NOTES:  Anna Elizabeth Westerman:

Passenger list Bark Ulysses: Elis Westermann 4.

Fathers will: share of his daughter deceased Elizabeth be divided among her four children of Anthony Schorerzendahl: Alwine, Gertrude, Catharina and William.

1870 Census Osage Co MO Washington Twp Fam # 109: children of Elizabeth living with father and Step mother: Julia 18, Katie 16, Billie 11.

Birth date in LDS Film, Info Connie Reichart 1992 Ltr.

NOTES:  Anna MARIA Bernadine Westerman:

Married: 6 Sep 1864 Sacred Heart,Rich Fountain,Osage,MO

Fr. Helias 1838 Census list child Gertrude age 14

Mary Ann name given in Marriage record to Francis Meierpeter.

Ship list Bark Ulysses: Marian Westermann age 7.

Anna Maria was widowed twice, her first husband died the same month as the birth of their youngest son August (1864). Her second husband died in 1873.

1880 Census Westphalia Osage Co MO Fam # 29: Mary Mertensmeyer 47 P. widowed dress maker with son August 16 MO P P, farm laborer. Living near her widowed sister in law Katherine Westerman.

NOTES:  Joannes Westerman:

1838 Fr. Helias census gives name of son Joannes 6. This would have been one of 5 children to immigrate. Check records.

Joannes not on City List of Brig Ulysses. Child born in 1832 is Maria Anna.

NOTES:  Bernadina Catherine Westerman:

Connie Reichart has daughter Bernardine b 8 Dec 1834.

St. Joseph Burial record: Diana age 19, buried two days after her younger brother Henry 15.

NOTES:  Anna Katherina Margaret Westerman:

Osage Co History gives place of birth of Catharine Westerman as Osage Co Mo,

Father Helias Baptism, Catherine Westerman, Baptismal record St. Francis Xavier Taos, Dob, 21 Sep, Baptism 11

Oct, the family were from St. Joseph parish. Sponsors: Mr. Oldenlehre and Mrs. Elizabeth Blumenkempfer.

Kleithermes Cemetery records had dob as 23 Nov 1864.

1900 Census Osage Co Mo, Crawford Twp Fam #40: Joseph Boes, Magdaline, Children Michael 15, Gertrud 13 and George 5.

Death info from Tomb Stone St. George Linn Centennial History list.

Baptismal record St. Joseph, George and Gertrude parents.(is Gertrude a 2nd wife)?

Unterrified Democrat 1901: Mrs. Catherine Lueckenhoff returned to her home at Martinsburg MO, after a visit to her daughter. Mrs. F. Meyer.

NOTES:  Heinrich Anton Westerman:

Sponsors at baptism: Henry Marconi and Margaret Schroeder.

Baptism is also listed in St. Francis Xavier Church records where date of birth is given as 24 Dec 1838.

St. Joseph Burial record: Henry age 15 and Diana 1ge 19, buried two days apart.

NOTES: George Westerman:

Baptismal sponsors: George Neawald, and Elizabeth Lueckenhoff.

1870 Census is George 30 MO living with Bearnard Westerman Fam # 122. This george?

1880 Census Osage Co Mo Westphalia Family #29, George Westerman 43, Border, living with niece, OCC: Works in a shoe factory, Deaf and Dumb.

Transcription of St. Joseph Burial record: George Wessermann age 59.

NOTES:  Joseph Westerman:

Married: 9 Sep 1896 St. Joseph,Westphalia,Osage,MO

Joseph Luckenhoff, sen. sponsor at baptism.

1850 Census Joseph 8 MO, with parents.

1860 Census Osage Co MO Joseph 17 born in MO with widowed Mother

1870 Census Osage Co MO Washington Twp Fam # 376: Joe Westerman 26 MO, OCC: Farmer wife Kunngunde 22 MO, MO: George 5, Anna 3, and Joan Dec 1869. Later in page it notes Gertrude 65 P, lives with son.

1880 Census Osage Co Mo Washington Twp Family # 108.

St. Joseph 2nd marriage record: Joseph Westermann, son of George Westermann deceased and Gertrude Westermann deceased m. Elizabeht Mertensmeyer, daughter of George Mertensmeyer deceased and Francisca Hundepohl. Witnesses: Liber Mertensmeyer and Josephina Westermann.

NOTES:  Ferdinand Arnold Westerman:

Ferdinand Arnold Meyer sponsor at baptism.

1850 Census Nathaniel age 6, no son Ferdinand A. age 4??

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